Zweigart Cross Stitch Fabrics Facts

Zweigart have been manufacturing high-quality canvases and fabrics for over 115 years. Here are just a few of them.

100% Cotton Aida Fabrics

Aida fabrics have an easy-to-count blocked grid appearance. They are made in different ‘counts’, i.e. blocks per inch: 6-, 8-, 11-, 14-, 16-, and 18-count are available. There is a wide variety of widths and colours.

Mixed-fibre Aida Fabrics

14-count aida also comes in a range of damask shades, as well as silver and gold for Christmas and special-occasion projects. Rustico is a natural country-look aida, available in 14- and 18-count.

Hardanger Fabrics

These fabrics can be treated like aida, as they have two threads woven over each other horizontally and vertically, giving a blocked appearance.

100% Cotton Evenweave Fabrics

Evenweave fabrics usually have a single thread horizontally and vertically. They are suitable for finer cross stitch, for embroidery stitches which cannot be worked over blocks, or when a linen look is required. Where cross stitch is worked over two threads of an evenweave, the work will be the same size as on an aida of half the count, i.e. working over two threads on a 28-count evenweave gives stitches the same size as on 14-count aida. Davosa (18-count), Linda (27-count) and Annabelle (28-count) form the Zweigart range of cotton evenweaves.

Mixed-fibre Evenweave Fabrics

Bellana (20-count), Lugana (25-count), Brittany (28-count) and Quaker (28-count) form the Zweigart range of mixed-fibre evenweaves. Available in many colours, including gold and silver in Bellana, they are as easy to work on as aida, but they give a finer background.