Stitching on Evenweave

This range of fabrics has threads woven singly rather than in blocks. Evenweaves are available in many colours and counts and working on evenweave is not difficult, just different.

Cross Stitch on Linen 1

Cross Stitch on Linen 2

The yellow flower garland below illustrates this perfectly.You can see the finished pieces are the same size on evenweave as on Aida because each stitch is formed over two threads instead of one block, therefore a 28-count evenweave has the same stitch count as a 14-count Aida – 28 threads to 2.5cm (1in) = 14 blocks to 2.5cm (1in). Evenweave can also be worked over one thread or when very fine detail is required

compare aida and evenweave

Knotless Loop Start

If the only thing you discover in these pages is this brilliant trick- it will have been worthwhile.

Find out how to do a Knotless Loop Start