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Wherever you are, you can become a Member of the Cross Stitch Guild.

The subscription costs £39.00 to a UK address, or £50 to an address outside the UK.  If resident in the UK you can save money by resubscribing with a Direct Debit - contact us for more information.


  • As a Member, you receive our lovely magazine including exclusive projects and charts/patterns (five issues per year).
  • Free postage for all your shopping during your Membership (Discounted postage if overseas)
  • As soon as you join us on line, you will be issued with your number.
  • This first order will attract postage but after that your postage will be free! (Discounted for Non-UK)
  • Once a member, you will receive 10% discount on all purchases from our Online Shop and free shipping (Discounted postage if non-UK) Remember you do need to log in to gain the discount and free shipping
  • We will send you a Welcome Pack by post anywhere in the world.
  • Annual Memberships receive a membership pack with membership number, Counted Thread Instructions, the current magazine and our subscription gift - From January 2024 are two cleaning cloths suitable for your glasses or your phone screen. One cloth features the Cross Stitch Guild Logo, the other a gorgeous snippet from our wonderful band sampler Silverwood.
  • 3 month Taster memberships are available to give you a flavour of the Guild. Taster memberships receive the membership pack, but not the subscription gift, which is only available with an annual membership.
  • You need your membership number and your surname or your password  to have access to the CSG Members' Studio, the members-only area of the site. There you will find our thread colour converter, stitch diagrams, free charts, technical information, articles, and exclusive members' treats to buy and ,of course, shop with discount!

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