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Our gold plated needles have been voted the best in the business for many years so it seemed like a good time to tell you more. During 1987, Jane and her family  visited the USA  and she explored American cross stitch shops. It was then that Jane was introduced to gold plated needles and initially she thought it was all bunkum! You can imagine how surprised she was when after stitching with a good quality gold plated needle for an evening, she was completely hooked.

In Jane's words " It was then that the problem started - back in the UK no-one had gold plated needles! After an afternoon on the phone, I found a company prepared to gold plate one thousand size 24 tapestry needles. It was at this point that I made the most important business decision I was ever to make. I was asked how much gold I wanted on each needle – I had simply no idea what to say and mumbled something about the gold not wearing off and he said “British Nuclear Fuels and the Ministry of Defence have 2 microns- that should be plenty!” I agreed and the rest is history. I did ask why the MOD used gold and he said it was for the detonators on grenades! "

These will not rust, mark your fabric or affect you if you are allergic to nickel.

We supply the needles in packs of ten in any one size - check the drop down menu for the size you need. We also supply an assorted set of needles in a gift box - The Plu Perfect Needle Collection





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