The Plu-Perfect Needle Collection

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After many years we have altered the recipe for this collection by adding a curved needle! This invaluable boxed set of our own gold-plated needles contains 10 gold-plated needles of various sizes, but now we have added a small curved needle to assist you when making up books and boxes. As you know, our needles are simply lovely to use and perfect for forming French knots, bullion knots and other counted stitches.

Twenty eight years ago Jane found a company prepared to gold plate one thousand size 24 tapestry needles. It was at this point that she made the most important business decision she was ever to make. Jane's words, "I was asked how much gold I wanted on each needle – I had simply no idea what to say and mumbled something about the gold not wearing off and he said “British Nuclear Fuels and the Ministry of Defence have 2 microns- that should be plenty!” I agreed and the rest is history. I did ask why the MOD used gold and he said it was for the detonators on grenades! "

Included in this gift box are one short beading needle, one embroidery needle, a curved needle, one size 22 and and two each of the following sizes: 24, 26 and 28.

Our needles will not rust, mark your fabric or affect you if you are allergic to nickel and if you strip the gold of a needle we will replace it!

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