Plain Linen Band

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Our pure linen band is made for us by Vaupel and Heilenbeck in Germany. My husband, Bill and I have visited the factory many times and I always end up spending a fortune on linen band! I have to be selective because they do make hundreds of different kinds of band and I want to buy them all. I have chosen 28-count pure linen throughout and we supply it in metre or mutiple metre lengths.

This is the simplest and one of the most popular bands we supply with a plain-edged and available in different widths. You can choose the colour and width you require from the dropdown menus.


The price shown at the top is for the 4cm width band. The dropdown menu shows the figure that will be added to that base price for the chosen width. Below is a summary of the total price per metre for each width of band

  • 4cm      £4.35
  • 5cm      £5.00
  • 8cm      £8.00       
  • 9cm      £9.50
  • 14cm    £14.00
  • 16cm    £16.00

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