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***A new Blackwork Poppy flower to join the Blackwork Flower collection. ***

During Elizabethan times, blackwork embroidery was used to decorate clothing to imitate the appearance of lace. The stitch used is often called Holbein stitch because the Dutch painter Holbein had painted members of the royal family wearing clothing decorated in this way.
Blackwork is often used to depict flowers or stylized historical patterns and consists of geometric patterns built up using Holbein stitch (double running stitch) and was traditionally worked in black thread against a contrasting (usually white) background with gold metallic highlights added for extra impact.
Many different effects can be achieved by varying the thickness of the thread, and careful selection of patterns with dark, medium and light tones. If you work the stitches correctly, you will not know the back from the front. In truth, you may find it necessary to combine backstitch and Holbein stitch as you can end up at the end of a row with nowhere to go!

This trio is your perfect start to your experience of blackwork. Worked in a combination of Holbein stitch and backstitch. It combines black stranded cotton (floss), space dyed cotton and gold metallic.

The joy of blackwork technique, but in colour- the outline is worked in black and then the filling stitches are worked using one strand of space dyed thread. There are three designs in this series.

Top Left: Pansy,

Top right: Poppy

Bottom Left: Lily

Bottom Right: Tulip

Size: 10cm (4ins) square


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