Decorated Edge Band

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Our linen band is made for us by Vaupel and Heilenbeck in Germany. We have visted the factory many times and have seen the detail that goes in to weaving the bands. All the linen band we supply is 28 threads to the inch and is supplied in metre lengths.

Decorated Edge

This is a very pretty linen band which is woven with 28-threads to the inch with a self-coloured Jacquard edge. You can see examples of the finish in the Wildflower Hardanger Workbox. Just a note here. The very narrow band does not have room for any stitching - it is decorative only

You can select the width and colour you need from the dropdown menus


The price shown at the top is for the 2cm width. The dropdown menu shows the figure that will be added to that base price for the chosen width. Below is a summary of the total price per metre for each width of band

  • 2cm     £2.50
  • 6cm     £7.00. 
  • 10cm   £10.00.   **out of stock for unbleached 10cm band**
  • 12cm   £12.00.  ** out of stock for the unbleached 12cm band***

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