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This classic cross stitch fabric was invented by Zweigart & Sawitski over 100 years ago and is generally made from 100% cotton. It is the perfect fabric for the new stitcher as you can see the holes in the material and the squares are easier to count than on linen.

This fabric is supplied to us on rolls 110cm wide therefore  a fat quarter is measures 50 x 55cm (includes selvedge). A long Quarter is 25cm x full width of the fabric (110cm in this case), half metre is 50cm x full width of the fabric 110cm, a full metre is 100cm x full width of the fabric 110cm

Linen Aida - We have a linen version of this fabric which has a wonderfully antique look - ideal for creating a sampler. This material is actually made from flax and has the feel of linen but the construction is the same as Aida fabric.

Gold Lurex - this 14-count cotton aida has a gold metallic thread throughout which gives it a sparkle.

Rustico - this 14-count cotton Aida is a cream base but with a light brown fleck running through it giving it a rustic look. I usually describe it to people as an Oatmeal look.

You can choose the colour and size of the piece you need from the dropdown menus.  Colours render differently on different devices and the drop down list sorts itself differently to the picture. For a guide to which colour is which, Top-Bottom we have...

Antique White, Gold Lurex, Rustico, Beige, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Linen Aida, Cream


For all colours except Linen Aida and Gold Lurex:
​Fat Quarter £8, Long Quarter £8, Half Metre £15, Full Metre £28

For Gold Lurex:
Fat Quarter £10, Long Quarter £10, Half Metre £17, Full Metre £30

For Linen Aida:
​Fat Quarter £14, Long Quarter £14, Half Metre £21, Full Metre £34

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